Three Reasons To Keep Your Aircraft Ground Staff Safe

According to the Australian Governments department of infrastructure, regional development and cities around 5.65 million passengers were carried on domestic flights in 2018. This means there are numerous planes that are taking off and landing. Ensuring plane safety is paramount but there is another place that needs to be safe as well and that is the ground area of the airport, specifically the aircraft hangars. These planes when they land are then parked and serviced by workers. The ground staff work with equipment that are complicated and hard to use. They are trained professionals but here is why you need to ensure that they are protected.


Even though the employees are qualified and trained there are hundreds of incidents a year where they get injured. The problem is that they don’t get publicized that much when it happens thus it goes under the radar. The tools they used for their work is vital in getting work done but can be really dangerous if used incorrectly. Even the smallest injury can hamper a staff health and worse could end their career. Ensuring there is high value put on safety and focus can lead to reduction of injuries.


So there is a good chance that some heavy equipment’s like aircraft wing jacks suppliers might be broken due to overuse or negligence. When this happens it can halt your operation, however you can’t halt it permanently. The work needs to carry on and so you will now be loading things without the desired tools needed to do it. This will be stressful for your employees and can be dangerous when trying to load heavy parts onto a plane. Airline companies expect to be on time when they are picking and dropping off passengers. With an equipment breakdown there can be major delays when it comes to fixing these planes which would hurt the company’s bottom line.


The aircraft ground support equipment used are expensive and very hard to replace as these are specialized products. It would take time for the manufacture to produce another and deliver it. This can be a costly delay for you. Also, due to the dangers of the job there is a lack of people who are willing to do this job. So combine the breakdown of materials and lack of staff you are losing money quickly. Keeping employee safety in mind is essential because they are a valuable asset. With one mistake it can cost you an employee and cause major delays for crucial aircraft repairs. These resources are valuable so it is best to keep them protected for as long as you can.